Michael Grant

I grew up in Brentwood in the ’60’s and I remember businesses on First Avenue that included Koehlers General Store with its gas pumps outside the store, Mike’s Luncheonette, Nick’s Barber Shop, Jay’s Pizza Parlor and the Taxi Stand with its New York City style Checker cabs. When Jack-in-the-Box came to town, it was a big thing. It was the first fast-food store in Brentwood. ┬áDairy Barn was also a novelty with its drive-in service. The drive-in movie theater on Fifth Avenue provided entertainment for the town and it served the community in another way as well. St. Anne’s Parish encompassed all of Brentwood, Bay Shore and part of Hauppauge. As these communities grew, it was necessary to split the parish into three. At that time, the church was holding services upstairs and downstairs in the church, as well as at the drive-in movie theater on Fifth Avenue! Grant’s department store was the biggest store in town in the 1960’s. It was located in the shopping center on the corner of Brentwood Road and Second Avenue. The Brentwood movie theater was also in that location.

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