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Inquire About The Brentwood Historical Society

The Brentwood Historical Society is a voluntary, dues paying association of individuals having a common interest in the history of Brentwood, NY, and its predecessor community, the City of Modern Times. It is dedicated to the preservation and marking of those sites and structures which have inherent historical value or which are associatively tied to the history and development of the community. It seeks to promote an awareness and appreciation of the history of the community and of the contributions made by all those who have settled here and made it their home. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our current focus is on the preservation and restoration of the original octagonal, one room school house which was built in 1857 and remained in use until 1907. It is our hope that, once restored, this historic building will be both a source of pride and a place of learning for the community.

In addition to the ʻschool houseʼ project, we hold regular meetings at which programs are presented which we hope will be of interest to our members and the community at large. These programs have included the video “Modern Times and Early Brentwood”, “Brentwood Graduates – Success Stories”, the Women of Brentwood and Modern Times, guest speakers on genealogy and the Holocaust, as well as trips to the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Sisters of St. Joseph Convent, a tour of the archives at St. Joseph’s Convent, and a tour of the Pilgrim State Hospital museum.