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George Junker – The cat

July 26, 2020

My mother had a cat. It was an adult stray. There was nothing unusual about the cat except maybe the fact that it figured out how to ring the doorbell to get in. This was unusual because it could not have been an accident since the bell was up high and the staircase railing was […]

Brentwood Stories – Entenmann’s Bakery

May 17, 2020

Librarian Peter Ward discusses the history of the famous Entenmann’s bakery on Fifth Avenue. He is joined by fellow librarian Peter Carmona, an audience of Brentwood library patrons, and a table full of Entenmann’s cake.

Listen to Part 1 here

Long time Entenmann’s employees Bruce and Horace share stories about the chocolate room, cake theft, and the debacle that was fat free all butter loaf.

Listen to Part 2 here

William H. Baker

January 22, 2014

To those who have read the story of Rip van Winkle and the hamlet in which he lived and raised his family known to us as Sleepy Hollow except for the lack of a mountain background, Brentwood would equally compare back in 1919 when I first came upon this hamlet of Brentwood.

John Mrowka

July 25, 2013

I got to chatting with folks on FB page “I Used live in Brentwood  L.I 11717 pg2 ”  about Anthony Felicio and how myself and a buddy cleared the lot in 1965 (I was 15) on Candlewood Rd. and Illinois Ave. to become the JFK Memorial Park. Here are pics and the Facebook posting I put with them: My pal Ken Weber and I […]

Our Beautiful Quilt!

April 22, 2013

Click on the link above to see this great photo!