Eleanor Baker Bazata Memoir

This photo was taken in 1938 on Clark(e*) Street.  The house is the home my parents, William and Bertha Baker, bought and moved into in 1922 with their four children.    I and three other siblings were born in  this home.  I was learning to ride a two wheel bicycle in this photo.  Clark Street was tarred  and easier to learn to  ride on but we were only permitted to ride on Jefferson Ave. after we learned , which was a dirt road that ran along the  East side of our home  from Perry Street to Suffolk Ave.,  My Dad worried about traffic even in those days .  Though there were only four houses on our Street the pole road ( **) ran from East Brentwood  (as a dirt road) to Washington Ave. , was tarred to Madison Ave. and was again a dirt road  to Wicks Road to Pilgrim State Hospital property.
Eleanor Baker Bazata
 * there was no E in  Clark Street while I was growing up there. I don’t know when that changed.
**the pole road was so called because of the high tension poles that ran the length of Long Island .   After all the housing began to develop in North Brentwood those “pole roads” disappeared  into the developments with other names like Commercial Blvd.,  etc.

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