Vinny T

OK, I’m gonna give you a shot of Brentwood nostalgia.

St.Joe’s, getting chased by the guards.

The barn at St.Joe’s, and looking thru the windows and seeing the old farm equipment. Walking on the wall on Brentwood Road.

Grant’s and the cafeteria in there, the pet shop at Grant’s, Brentwood Aquarium, Food Fair, the Carousel ride outside of Grant’s, where we would pile as many kids on it to make it not go around, all for 10 cents.

The instant photo booth outside Grant’s; 4 for 25 cents.

Godzilla movies at Brentwood theatre, Planet of the Apes there also.

Bohack’s with Joe the manager who always chased us out of there.

The sump next to Bohack’s.

The wooden track at Brentwood High School.

Riding bikes in the parking lot of the Jewish center.(were there any Jews in Brentwood?) (Ed. note: yes there were/are)

The shrine at St. Anne’s.

The Brentwood rec center.

Smoking in the woods behind the movie theatre,

The village Lantern. Went there when I was 15.

When they built the McDonalds, I wondered where they were going to put the ducks.

The chicken farm across from the Knoll farm

Dairy Barn, Agway on Suffolk Ave.

Kick the can in the dark, Tony the Bungalow Bar ice cream man.

Ring a leavio. The roller coaster woods on First Ave. by the high school.

South Jr. High fields.(our playground) Climbing to the top of the baseball backstop.

Homecoming at the high school.

Mr. Campo, my neighbor and wrestling coach “The Gov”

Mr. Walker from South Jr. High.

Having 72 kids on your block alone. Camping in the yards.

Cinderella bakery, Devine’s pizza, Charlie’s Deli, Katrinka Deli, One Stop Auto Parts, Tonys Shell station, The Lutheran Church where you always called someone out for a fight after school.

The woods across from Bohacks. Bruce Lane,

Hanging out with the Finns in the Academy.

Catechism at St. Anne’s when the nuns taught us; Sister Thomas; getting cracked on the hand with the pointer from the nuns. Picking apples in the academy, getting chased by the guards and running thru the woods to the nuns graveyard.

Big Apple, Drago’s Pizza, Johns Bargain Store, A&P; Grandma’s Bagels, Jack in the Box. Friendly’s, Delivering the Long Island Press, Newsday, Daily news (if you wanted to get up at 5 am before school). Throwing snowballs at the plows (we didn’t want the busses to get thru). Flying kites in the school yard. Making forts in the woods (they were empty lots not built on yet, but seemed like forests to us). Fifth of July finding unexploded firecrackers and making sizzlers. Cap guns, hitting rolls of caps with a hammer and almost knocking out your hearing. Box turtles in Bishop Road woods. Entenmann’s bakery crumb cake smells. The church bells ringing on Sunday morning. 1 car per household. Diesel trains in Brentwood.

Anyone care to add on? This is only from the 4th Street perspective.

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