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Meeting 9/19/22

Join us in the Brentwood Public Library auditorium on Monday, Sept. 19, at 4:00 when Rich Pena, former FBI Intelligence Analyst, will discuss the origins of the 9/11 attacks. All are welcome!

Mary Gove Nichols

For those who were unable to attend our meeting, or who would like to see it again, here’s the video of Anne McEvoy, from Women in History, presenting Mary Gove Nichols. Click here to view.
Mary Gove Nichols

Thanks to Stephen Sanfilippo!

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Memorial Day Parade

Thanks to Ed Hand for these photos!
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Things You Never Knew About Long Island

If you missed Noel Gish’s presentation or would like to hear it again, click here. The audio isn’t the best but it works.


The Wickham Murders

If you missed the story of the Wickham Murders or would like to revisit it, here’s the link to the video:¬†

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 7.31.08 PM

Here’s Diane!

If you missed the presentation, you can see it here:
Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 9.01.38 PM

Here’s to a successful 2021! See you in 2022.


Here’s Andy’s presentation

If you missed Andy’s presentation, or would like to hear it again, click hereAndy.

Hear Minnie Merton!

If you missed the presentation, you can view Minnie’s visit here.

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