Next meeting May 20

Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 20 at 4:00, at the Brentwood American Legion Hall, 198 1st Street, Brentwood. Our speaker will be Dr. Melissa Shapiro.

Melissa Shapiro, DVM, is a small-animal veterinarian, author, and speaker/advocate for pets and people with disabilities. She is also the driving force behind the social media phenomenon Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy (@pinkpigletpuppy). In addition to her work as a veterinarian, Dr. Shapiro creates and publishes all content for her popular social media pages that feature Piglet, her deaf blind pink dog. In 2017, Dr. Shapiro co-created the Piglet Mindset® educational outreach program, which uses Piglet’s story to teach growth mindset, resilience, and inclusion lessons in classrooms across the United States and the world.

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